27 February, 2009

Letter from one of our readers:

I have worked in customer service for over 12 years of my life.
I new I had seen it all but its different working in customer service than being a customer that requires service.

My experience at the NIKE store on line gave me a new meaning of customer service.
At my former employers we were always told to go above and beyond to help the customer and as well make sure we rectify a situation especially if we can see that it is our fault.
Obviously NIKE does not operate on the same code of ethics.
Its bad enough that this is the same company that was underpaying overseas employees that were children
but to also give bad customer service after rebuilding your name is really not the smartest thing to do.
My experience with NIKE has been the worst experience involving customer service in my life.
I went to NIKE’s website NIKE.COM and ordered a pair of shoes as a gift for a close friend of mine but I put in the wrong size.
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3 November, 2008

Since same-sex marriages were legalised in July 2005, 188 gay couples have tied the knot in Malaga province, according to Justice Ministry figures released by Malaga’s Gay and Lesbian Collective. There were more gay marriages in Malaga capital, followed by Torremolinos, Marbella and Velez-Malaga. For some reason, all the same-sex marriages in Coin were between women, while the ones in Fuengirola were all men.


3 November, 2008

The government announced last week that descendants of Spaniards who left the country for fear of political persecution between 1936 and 1955 will now be able to apply for nationality before 2011. The decision will affect an estimated 500,000 children and grandchildren seeking to return. That number is believed to include 300,000 people in Argentina alone. The measure is part of Historical Memory law passed last year that aims to compensate and rehabilitate victims of the 1936-1939 Civil War. Elderly former members of the International Brigades, the collection of anti-fascists who travelled to Spain to fight Gen Franco’s forces, will also be eligible for citizenship under the new law, without giving up their original nationality as was required in the past.


27 October, 2008

A 16-year-old boy from Granada has ruined his family by running up a €48,000 debt on his parents’ credit cards playing at a virtual casino on the internet. A spokesman for the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers, FEJAR, said such incidents are common because the virtual casinos cannot see or check the age of the players. He said it was getting so common as to be ruining some people’s lives forever. He said the latest figures showed that the amount gambled on the internet in Spain is up five-fold since 1997, and could reach €5 billion. He said FEJAR estimates that some five percent of the Spanish population could have a problem with gambling. The spokesman also warned about the amounts now being spent by some children on their mobile phones, especially if they have access to the Internet, with bills of €300 or €400 a month not uncommon. He said some children already suffering from deformed hands from sending so many text messages.


27 October, 2008

A Madrid court has granted paternity leave of 13 days to a lesbian after Social Security had told the woman she was not eligible. Carmen Diaz married her wife in 2006 who gave birth in February 2007 to a son, who she adopted. The Workers Commissions union said that when she applied for paternity leave, the Social Security Authority had made extra demands which were never made when men claimed, A union spokesman said it regretted what he called “these situations of discrimination”, and considered the court’s decision an important one because it would encourage gay and lesbian couples to apply for the paternity leave which they were entitled to.


6 October, 2008

According to the National Employment Institute (INEM), more than 4,579 people in Malaga province lost their jobs during the month of September, the highest figure registered for that month since INEM records began in 1996. Just over 30,000 people have lost their jobs since last November, bringing the total number of unemployed to 115,895. The worst hit sectors are services – that is, hotel and restaurant workers – which accounts for just over 56% of the unemployed, and construction, which accounts for just over 25%.


6 October, 2008

More than 300 self-employed people a day have stopped making their Social Security payments in the past five months, according to ATA, the national federation that represents them. An ATA spokesman said self-employed people were particularly hard hit by the current economic crisis because of a drop in sales and an increase in losses. Added to that, they cannot obtain loans to keep their businesses afloat from banks which are loathe to lend money in the current economic crisis. The spokesman said “worse was to come”.