27 February, 2009

Letter from one of our readers:

I have worked in customer service for over 12 years of my life.
I new I had seen it all but its different working in customer service than being a customer that requires service.

My experience at the NIKE store on line gave me a new meaning of customer service.
At my former employers we were always told to go above and beyond to help the customer and as well make sure we rectify a situation especially if we can see that it is our fault.
Obviously NIKE does not operate on the same code of ethics.
Its bad enough that this is the same company that was underpaying overseas employees that were children
but to also give bad customer service after rebuilding your name is really not the smartest thing to do.
My experience with NIKE has been the worst experience involving customer service in my life.
I went to NIKE’s website NIKE.COM and ordered a pair of shoes as a gift for a close friend of mine but I put in the wrong size.
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12 November, 2007

Cartama mayor José Garrido visited the town’s Moorish castle last week to inspect the restoration work, which should be finished by the beginning of next year.

He was told that work on the Moorish wall which was built to defend the town in the 10th century is already 75% completed.

Stones still standing from the original wall have been covered with lead plates to protect them from the rain and distinguish them from the new part of the wall.

The work has been partially financed by a subsidy from the Development Ministry to compensate for inconveniences caused by the work on the AVE high speed train which passes through the municipality.