About Us

“The Town Crier” is a weekly publication preferred by the English-speaking residents of the Costa del Sol.

25,000 Copies are published, in English, every Monday and distributed each week along the Costa del Sol with an estimated readership of some 50,000 people.

The Town Crier is distributed from Nerja to the area just before Gibraltar, including the inland areas with foreign residents and tourists.

Executive Director Martin Sleater
Executive Editor Lynda Sleater
Community News Editor Kym Wickham
Current News Editor Muriel Pilkington
Production Managers Damian Merino Blanco
  Phillip Harvey Reeder
Office co-ordinator Abigail Tyler
Proof reader Andrea MacLean
In-House Representatives:
Jules Yardley 610 341 184
Geoff Heading 647 408 109
Carolyn Green 663 067 086

Printers Iniciativas de Publicacion e Impresion S.L.

Webmaster Lindsey Robins
Blog management Ramses Kalij
Website management Phillip Reeder

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