Police have arrested the man who bought the mobile phone that was used to warn the authorities of the car bomb that exploded in the University of Navarra car park in Pamplona last Thursday morning. Local officials said the warning had been vague and Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said the Basque terrorist group ETA had obviously intended to cause a blood bath. However, no-one was killed, and only 15 people were injured, even though the bomb went off near the library which was full of students at the time. It was the sixth time ETA had been targeted the University. Two days earlier, police had arrested four suspected ETA members – three of them in Pamplona. Guns and a large quantity of explosives were also seized in the raids. The Navarra region is separate from the Basque Country, but nationalists argue that it should also form part of an independent Basque homeland.


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