An 18-year-old Moroccan schoolboy was jailed last week for insulting King Mohamed IV, after replacing the monarch’s name with that of his favourite football club. He altered the phrase “God, The Nation, The King” on the school blackboard to read “God, The Nation, Barcelona”. FC Barcelona says it has appointed a lawyer to look into whether they can help the boy, within the framework of Moroccan law. The family of the boy, Yassine Belassal, is appealing against the ruling, and his father intends to write a letter to the King asking for a royal pardon. An internet campaign is also under way to have Mr Belassel freed. Earlier this year one man received a three-year sentence for creating a mock Facebook profile of the King’s brother, before receiving a royal pardon. Last month, another man was jailed after suggesting that some royal practices did not help the development of the country. He was cleared on appeal following a media outcry.


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