Former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar hit out last week at those he called “standard-bearers of the apocalypse” who continue to warn about climate change. He was speaking at the presentation of the Spanish translation of “Blue Planet (Not Green)” written by Czech Republic President Vackla Klaus, published by the conservative think tank FAES, of which Sr Aznar is chairman. Sr Aznar said climate change is not a real phenomenon, but only a “scientifically questionable” theory which had become the new religion, whose followers were the “enemies of freedom”. The Partido Popular, which he led to election victory in 1996 and 2000 immediately dissociated itself from Aznar. The PP representative on Parliament’s Committee on Climate Change stressed the party’s “firm commitment” to the fight against global warming, a phenomenon she said “could not be doubted”. Joan Herrera, a Catalan nationalist MP said Sr Aznar was a “functional illiterate” and “irresponsible”. Sr Aznar’s words fly in the face of the conclusions from 2,500 scientists who make up the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) about the human causes of global warming and the serious consequences of not reducing CO2 emissions.



  1. Troy says:

    Of course climate change doesn’t exist, that would mean that God is a particularly nasty vengeful deity, not allowing us to play with our toys as much as we please.

    Thankfully such grounded individuals as Mr. Aznar are sounding the warning bell.

    Later I’m going to invite him over to play with my imaginary friend before we burn a few witches and worship Thor.

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