Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz said last week that she will fight to stop a single illegally built home from being demolished, not even those dating back to the worst excesses of the town’s GIL administration, such as Banana Beach. She was sopeaking after presenting the changes made to the PGOU Urban Plan for the town, which now has a chapter on the reclaiming of green zones and sports areas from real estate promoters, in exchange for bringing their 18,000 illegally built homes into legality. The promoters will be given a year to comply. The Mayor also said it would be “very satisfactory” if the owners of illegal properties didn’t have to pay an estimated €12,000 costs to regularise their homes. This would have to be approved by the Junta de Andalucia which currently considers that some 700 constructions in the town should be demolished. Ecologist groups have already voiced their concerns about what they call “an open amnesty”. A spokesman for Ecologistas en Accion said the group had warned a year ago that the Ayuntamiento was planning a general amnesty. The President of the Andalucian Federation of Residential Tourism, Ricardo Arranza, said it would be an intelligent action to take in the face of the crisis because it would put an end “to much negative propaganda in the English media” and would give judicial security to those who had purchased the properties in good faith.


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