Thieves broke into Rancho Rocinante in the early hours of last Wednesday morning and got away with Spanish tack and very expensive saddles worth €16,000. The thieves must have had a good knowledge of different types of tack because they appeared to know exactly what they were after. Rancho Rocinante would be grateful if Town Crier readers could look out for anyone trying to sell them Spanish tack, especially the following: -A Vequera Lucas saddle, which might have a white covering on it with the name Terry. -A Stockman saddle with a blue lining and the name Lady stamped on a girth tab. -An Española saddle with a sheepskin cover with a split in the seam near the back of the saddle. -A Zalea general saddle, English, in black. -A Jaguar saddle. A number of bridles and bits were also taken, plus a pair of Spanish Chaps and two Monte Roberts controlling head collars in black, which are quite distinctive. If anyone hears or sees anyone acting suspiciously could they please contact Jacquie Nichols on 608 000 860. The Guardia Civil are convinced it was a local drug addict, and have taken photos.


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