A Spanish judge has asked Interpol to investigate the whereabouts of Jose Ignacio de Juana Chaos, the Basque terrorist leader who got out of jail recently after serving 22 years of a 3,000-year jail sentence for his involvement in the deaths of 25 people in the mid/1980s. He left Spain with his wife on August 2nd, the same day he was released. He was said to be in Dublin at the invitation of Sinn Fein, where he tried to obtain a new passport from the Spanish embassy there. When police went to the address he gave, he was not there and is now believed to be in Belfast. He is currently wanted in Spain for questioning about a letter he allegedly wrote to a group of supporters in which he praised the Basque terrorist group ETA and extolled the use of violence for political ends. If this proves true, De Juana can be sent back to jail, which is where most people would like to see him anyway.


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