The case of the murdered 5-year-old Huelva girl, Mari Luz Cortes, took another twist last week when Justice Minister Mariano Fernandez Bermejo punished Juana Galvez with a two-year job and salary suspension. The minister said Sra Galvez was guilty of a series of omissions and errors in the case of Salvador del Valle who had been sentenced to prison more than two years ago for sexually abusing his own daughter. The Sevilla court failed to ensure that the sentence was carried out which left Del Valle on the street. He is currently in jail charged with the murder of Mari Luz in January this year. The judge in charge of his case, Rafael Tirado, was fined €1,500 for not ensuring that Del Valle went to jail. He had claimed he was overloaded with cases and that it was his secretary’s job to follow the case through. He is appealing the fine, which was imposed by the Disciplinary Commission of the Judicial Power’s General Council. The fine disgusted Mari Luz’s family, who have called for the judge to be suspended for life. The Association that represents judges’ secretaries said Sra Galvez was being used as a scapegoat to cover up the deficiencies of the country’s system of justice.


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