Around 500 health workers marched through the centre of Malaga last Thursday to protest a shortfall of 500 staff across the province – 200 doctors, and 300 nurses and administrative staff. They warned that the province’s health centres face a chaotic time this Christmas. They said services will have to be cut back and there will be delay in making appointments because the Andalucian Health Service has failed to cover the shortfall. The Comisiones Obreros (Workers Commissions) union spokesman, Rafael González, and other union leaders said waiting lists would soar as a result. They said that the Junta de Andalucia is denying there is a problem but the unions plan to hold a meeting in Sevilla ahead of making a decision on possible strike action in November. A Junta spokesman denied there were any cut-backs. He said the Junta’s objective was to stabilise employment in the health sector.


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