Not all bulls die in the ring. When they perform extra bravely either the bullfighter or the audience can demand that his life be spared. That’s what happened to the aptly named Idilico (Idyllic) in the Barcelona bullring on September 21st when he faced the country’s current favourite bullfighter, Jose Thomas. He fought so well that Jose Thomas asked the president of the ring to spare him and the crowd backed him by waving their white hankies. The president pulled out an orange one – only used when sparing a bull’s life – and the next day the truck that had brought him all the way from Vejer in Cadiz province carried him the 1,185 kilometres back home, weighing 80 kilos less. He’d lost 20 in the ring and 60 on the journey there and back. And what an idyllic life he’s going to have now! During the ten years that he can expect to live, he will serve a whole harem of cows, that is, he will become a top stud. Spared bulls are much in demand for the bravery they will pass on to their sons. Idilico’s owner, Nunez del Cuvillo, already has 40 of his best cows lined up for him. Idilico service’s will be loaned out at €6,000 to €12,000 a time, and he is expected to sire as many as 400 sons in the next ten years. And he won’t even have to work (if it can be called work) all year round – just eight months, followed by four months rest. Idilico will start work in the New Year and we bet he’s really looking forward to it.


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