There have been a spate of robberies in the car park of the Lidl Supermarket in Coin over the last couple of weeks. One involved a Spanish couple who were asking a woman for directions. When the lady asked was showing the woman the way, her male companion went to the passenger side of the car and took the handbag that had been put on the seat. A similar incident happened in the Mercadona underground car park a few weeks back. The couple were described as being in their early thirties and appear to be working from two cars. The latest incident was last Tuesday when Jan from Animals In Distress was robbed. She works tirelessly for the animals and was on her way to pay veterinary and food bills for them. So, not only has she lost her handbag with all the personal contents including her reading glasses, money for the care of the animals raised by Jan and other volunteers has also gone. Whilst Jan doesn’t expect to get the money back, can anyone who finds the handbag let the Town Crier know on 902 00 99 00 and we will return it to her.


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