The Secretary of State for Tourism plans to introduce three special tourism offers next year aimed at attracting senior citizens from the north of Europe to Andalucia, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Valencia. The offers – called “Privilege”, “Winter in Spain” and “Senior Tourism” – were announced by Javier Bustamente, president of SEGITTUR (State Company for Tourism Technologies and Innovation) at the Conference on Innovation, Key for Tourism in the 21st Century, which was held in Malaga last week. Sr Bustamente said the government was already negotiating the launch of the project with the governments of the regions concerned. He said Jerez de las Frontera had been chosen as the ideal place for the Privilege plan, which is aimed tourists with high spending power, while the Costa del Sol is considered ideal for the Winter in Spain offer. He said the Senior Tourism offer is aimed at tourists with medium spending power and will be launched in some places as this winter.


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