The founder of the Hospital Clinico in Malaga – Felipe Sánchez de la Cuesta – now has a street named after him, to make the 25th anniversary of the hospital’s opening. Sr Sanchez de la Costa taught pharmacology for eight years at Malaga University before he was made Dean, after which he concentrated on providing medical students with decent Faculty and a place where they could practice what they were learning. The new hospital would also give the city 700 more hospital beds and create jobs for 3,000 people. However, he found it no easy task to persuade the local authorities to build the hospital, which would cost more than 5 billion pesetas, until the then Prime Minister, Adolfo Suarez, attended his political party’s conference in Torremolinos in 1977. Sr Sánchez de la Cuesta immediately sought his help and when the prime minister said “How can I help you”, he replied: “By letting me use your name for 24 hours.” Those were the exact words Sr Suarez had said to Francisco Franco years earlier, when the dictator had asked him how he could help him solve a problem. Sr Suarez told Sr Sanchez de la Costa to go ahead and use his name for as long as necessary. However, when the different bureaucrats who had to give the necessary permits heard the PM’s name they immediately came through, and Sr Sanchez de la Cuesta was never again told to “come back next week”. The first stone was laid on February 3rd, 1979, and the Hospital Clinico Virgen de la Victoria was opened in May 1983.


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