People in Malaga city suffered nasty shock last Friday at about 9.40 am when they heard two huge explosions. The noise was so loud that it was also heard as far away as Torrox, Fuengirola, Rincón de la Victora, Alora and Alhaurín de la Torre. According to reports, residents rushed to their windows to see what had happened and people in the street were looking all around, completely bewildered. Many thought the cause was two bombs that had been exploded by the Basque terrorist group ETA, but by 10.30, the Defence Ministry had confirmed that two jets had broken the sound barrier high over the area. One of the consequences was that the mobile phone system broke down temporarily as thousands made calls in an effort to find out what had happened. Another was that a radio station in Murcia reported that a bomb had exploded on La Malageta beach in Malaga city, while a radio station in Madrid said two bombs had gone off in the city’s Guardia Civil barracks.


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