Antonio Medina Ruiz, the 48-year-old Malaga man who was set alight by thieves last Tuesday, told reporters he thought his attackers wouldn’t harm after he handed over his money. He said he had been unable to get to sleep that night and decided to walk the two dogs he keeps at the warehouse on the San Luis industrial estate, where he works as a maintenance man. After an hour-long walk, he locked up the dogs and set out for home, leaving his mobile phone in the warehouse. He said: “I was going on holiday the next day and decided not to go back for it because I wouldn’t need it.” Shortly after he set off for his home in Los Prados district of Malaga, he was approached by two men who asked him for directions to another street on the estate. As he was talking to them, another two men approached him from behind and poured petrol down his back. They threatened to set him on fire if he didn’t hand over all his money. He gave them the €1,500 he had intended to bank the next day but they set fire to him before they ran away. He managed to put out the flames by rolling around on the ground. It was after midnight and the industrial estate was deserted. Having left his phone in the warehouse he somehow made his way home, which was not far away. His family immediately took him to the Carlos Haya hospital where he is being treated for second and third degree burns on face, neck, shoulders and arms.


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