Catalan ‘independentistas’ celebrated their region’s day, known as the Diada, on September 11th with what has now become a standard feature of the event – burning the Spanish and French flags and photos of the Royal Family in Barcelona. The Mossos (Catalan police) were conspicuous by their absence, until groups of independentistas of the far left and far right started fighting each other in the city centre. One observer noted: “If the Catalans ever do get their independence they’ll probably end up having a mini-civil war.” A Mosso spokesman said later they had not been able to intervene in the incident because “it happened too quickly”. He said the incident was being investigated but “it would be difficult to arrest the perpetrators because they were hooded”. All the political parties, including the radical Catalan Republican Left Party (ERC), condemned the incident. In another incident, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the Barcelona home of the Infanta Cristina and her husband in the early hours of Friday morning. The couple and their four children were not in residence at the time. The perpetrator turned out to be a mentally disturbed man, aged 30, already known to the police who said he had no connections with independentista or other radical groups. They said he had never been involved in incidents of this nature. However, he is currently in jail on a charge of attempting to commit a crime against the Royal Family. The Catalan regional government, the Generalitat, and all the political parties condemned the attack.


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