Javier Bardem, Spain’s only Oscar-winning actor, put his foot in it in an interview which was published recently in The New York Times’ Sunday magazine. Bardem, who has never lost an opportunity to criticise the Americans, has probably spent more time making films in the US in the past couple of years than he has in Spain. As a result, he said, the Spanish – who he described as “hard” – think that he has “sold out”. “All I can say to that,” he said, “is ‘Stop, you’re a bunch of estupidos’ (idiots).” The phrase made the cultural headlines in every newspaper and magazine last week and Bardem was forced to blame the “misunderstanding” on his “poor grasp of the English language” (the interview was conducted in English) – even though he said at another point: “”By the time I’d finished filming “No Place for Old Men” I was speaking the language so well I could have asked for a green card.” Decidete, Sr Bardem.



  1. Carol says:

    The English language is not the American language,so how you can say he is criticizing America? You also horribly misquoted his NY Times interview…you should have read it first.Why don’t you write about all the Hollywood
    nitwits (too many to name here) who enjoy going to foreign countries and bashing the country they make their millions in!! Bardem was taken out of context.Anyone who can read and read that interview knows that!

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