It looks as if Air Berlin and the Balearic Islands’ regional government may end up declaring war on each other. The latter continues to insist that the airline produce all its written and spoken information in Catalan as well as Spanish, and the airline continues to refuse to do so. Last week, the company’s director for Spain, Alvaro Middelmann, said: “We are a private German company which makes every effort to attend to its clients in a language common to all Spaniards. Nobody is obliged to fly with us so those who don’t want to are free to go elsewhere.” He added: “I am a Spanish citizen and until proved otherwise, the 1978 Constitution is still in force and states that the language common to all Spaniards is Castellano.” He pointed out that Air Berlin employs hundreds of Mallorcans and continues to improve its flights to the islands where, he added, business is flourishing.


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