By the end of last week, the Guardia Civil had arrested four men – three Spaniards and a Moroccan – in connection with the death of a Sengalese immigrant the previous weekend which had led to rioting and house burning in the 200 Viviendas district of the small town of Roquetas del Mar in Almeria province. All four are under age and are currently being held in juvenile internment centres on charges of instigating the disturbances. By mid-week, the local authorities and the police made it quite clear that the death had nothing to do with drugs. Apparently, Ousmane Kote, 28, was on his way to ring his family in Senegal from a local call office when he saw a friend of his in an argument with a Spaniard. At this point one of the youths detained threw a bucket of water at the people in the street, complaining about the noise they were making, just as Kote was trying to defuse the situation. Angered by the water throwing, the Spaniard turned on Kote and stabbed him in the stomach. At the time of going to press, the police had not arrested the attacker but said they had identified him and had issued a search and capture warrant.

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