Figures released by the State Lottery, the Junta de Andalucia and ONCE indicate that many people in Malaga province have taken to games of chance in the hope of improving their economic situation. The State Lottery’s commercial delegate in Malaga, Miguel Angel Conejo, said that in the first 34 weeks of this year – that is, until the middle of August – bets with Quinigol (football pool) had risen by nearly 15% over last year, with the next two most popular “flutters” being the Euromillion lottery (nearly 14%) and the Primitiva’s Gordo (Big One) lottery (nearly 7%). He said the managers of the State Lottery’s sales points had reported that while fewer people were forking lout large amounts of money on tickets, many new clients were spending small amounts in the hope of a win. Sr Conejo said that the average spending for bingo players was €34.60 a week, while those who preferred to gamble in casinos spent €39. Fruit machine players tend to spend €54 a week while those who prefer lotteries spend the most – €93.


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