Colombian drugs lord, Edgar Guillermo Vallejo-Guarin, aka Beto the Gypsy, was arrested in the Gran Hotel Melia in Madrid last week. Police said he was using a false identity at the time of his arrest. Vallejo-Guarin is wanted on charges of drug-trafficking, money-laundering and murder. The US authorities say he is one of Latin America’s top drugs traffickers and had offered a $5m reward for information leading to his arrest. The US Drugs Enforcement Agency says he was one of the main sources of Colombian cocaine smuggled into America in the 1990s. He has been a fugitive since 2001, when he was indicted by a court in Florida. Police said he had been constantly on the move to avoid arrest, staying in hotels across Europe, and was carrying false documents when he was arrested. Spain is one of the main entry points to Europe for cocaine smuggled from South America.


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