The former spokesman for the banned Batasuna party, Arnaldo Otegi, was released from jail last Saturday after serving a 15-month sentence for participating in a ceremony honouring the memory of an ETA Basque terrorist leader in December 2003. Otegi still has four cases against him and faces 14 years in jail if the authorities can prove that he is an active member of the banned Batasuna party. The party was declared illegal in 2003 after it refused to condemn ETA violence. Meanwhile, the wife of Juana De Juana Chaos has accused the press, especially the El Mundo daily paper, of “lynching” him. She told the Basque newspaper Gara, which regularly prints WETA communiqués: “We live in a State of exception where any weapon is valid for destroying a dissident.” The president of the Association of Victims of Terrorism, Juan Antonio Garcia Casquero, retorted: “Her husband did more lynching when he killed 25 people in bombings in Madrid in the mid-1980s.” De Juana and his wife are believed to be in Ireland and it was reported last week that the Irish Association of Victims of Terrorism has deplored their presence on Irish soil, allegedly at the invitation of Sinn Fein, and has called for their expulsion.


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