Increasing numbers of disgruntled bank clients are deciding that enough is enough, and are taking steps to make banks explain all those little commission charges which keep popping up in their statements. As one client said: “Who’s going to make a fuss about such small sums?” It’s an attitude the banks have been able to take advantage of, until recently. A spokesman for the Spanish Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) said more and more people are now taking on the banks. One Madrid businessman has managed to force a bank to reimburse €27 when it couldn’t tell him exactly why he had been charged that amount. The CECU spokesman said complaints against banks doubled last year, when the Bank of Spain ordered banks to return €1.43 million that they had charged “unduly”. Those small sums add up, said the CECU spokesman, and why should consumers help to make banks even richer.


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