A French cosmetic surgeon accused of having mutilated or endangered the lives of dozens of patients was arrested in Gerona last Tuesday. Michel Maure had gone missing after standing trial in Marseille in June, accused of false advertising, deception and causing involuntary injury. Prosecutors called for a four year jail sentence and a €75,000 fine. Investigators said he had practised illegally since 1995, and he was struck off the French medical register in January 2007 after complaints about his procedures were received from 96 of his former patients, including allegations that he had carried out painful procedures under local anaesthetic, in a dirty clinic. Maure, 59, had claimed to be “one of the best plastic surgeons in the world”. The verdict was planned for September and he was subject to a French court order restricting his movements. He had been told to report to police every week. He now faces extradition from Spain.


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