The so-called Baby Cheque of €1,500 for each child born after July 1st last year has already spawned an Association of Families discriminated against by the Baby Cheque Law. One paragraph in the Baby Cheque Law which did not get much publicity was the one that excluded children born to Spanish fathers and foreign mothers who have lived less than two years in Spain, even though the children will have Spanish nationality. The Association’s spokesman, José Luis Gil, said: “it should be called the Mama Cheque because it does not take into account the father or the child. According to the National Statistics Institute, just over 25,300 children born last year had foreign mothers and Spanish fathers, and Sr Gil estimated that some 15,000 families could be adversely affected by the Baby Cheque Law. He said the Association has already collected nearly 250 complaints but was being given the run-around: “The Equality ministry sends us to Education, Education sends us to the Labour ministry, where they tell us it’s a tax matter.”


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