When the notorious ETA terrorist, Iñaki De Juana Chaos, dropped out of sight the same day he was released from prison just over two weeks ago, most people assumed he had gone into hiding, given the general feelings of hatred and animosity towards him. However, it was revealed last week that he and his wife had headed straight for Biarritz, where they boarded a Dublin-bound plane. The Irish police told the Spanish authorities that he had been invited by Sinn Fein, which had pushed for his release on compassionate grounds when he went on hunger strike a year ago. Former Defence Minister and current Speaker, José Bono, spoke for many people when he said in an interview, “De Juana is the scum of society” and said he fully understood the feelings of the mother of one victim when she said, “De Juana’s mother did not give birth to a son”. De Juana was sentenced to 3,000 years in jail for his involvement in the deaths of 25 bombing victims, including 12 Guardia Civil, but only served 18. He then served another three years for threatening to kill a prison director. The main opposition party, the Partido Popular, has proposed that ETA prisoners should be kept under vigilance for at least ten years after they leave prison.


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