Six people were killed in a head-on collision on the CM-401 Madrid-Toledo road last Friday when the driver of a Citroen C-4 overtook two cars, apparently not aware of the Seat Ibiza coming in the opposite direction. The five people in the Seat belonged to the same family. The driver, Marimar, had gone to Getafe in Madrid with her 9-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son to collect her sister and her mother to take them back to spend the summer at her home in the small town of Galvez near Toledo. Instead, all five returned to Getafe to be buried the next day. The police said the driver of the other car, a young married man with two children, had not tested positive for drugs or alcohol. The accident happened just as the Traffic Authority in Madrid began to celebrate 45 years of often brutal summer campaigns aimed at reducing the number of deaths on the road. Figures for this year so far indicate that road deaths are down by at least 30% over last year, for which the points system introduced just over a year ago and the recent penalisation of several traffic violations have been credited.


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