Doctors said last week that were was no physical or mental reasons for the release of ETA prisoner Elena Beloki, who has been allowed out of jail to undergo fertility treatment. Beloki, aged 47, said the stressful conditions in jail would stop her from getting pregnant, but a Basque gynaecologist, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, said many women flew to Spain from other countries to undergo the assisted reproduction procedure and flew home the very next day. Another doctor pointed out that other women in much more stressful situations than a prisoner – judges, policewomen, nurses and domestic workers – did not ask for time off when undergoing the treatment, which lasts one-and-half-hours and is repeated every few days until the woman becomes pregnant. Beloki was freed on bail of €6,000 to undergo the treatment and it is not clear whether she will return to jail if and when she becomes pregnant.


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