The biggest street party in the world – that is, the Malaga feria – starts next Friday, August 15th and the city well not sleep until it ends on August 24th. The fair commemorates the re-conquest of the city by Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487 – any excuse for a fiesta! – and literally starts off with a bang. The impressive firework display can be seen for miles around and the best view is from the Port, or from the comfort of your own home now that Malaga’s TV station covers it live. From then on its castanets, flamenco dancing and singing and lashings of sherry all the way in the city’s central Larios Street, considered the best place to be by many people. The Feria ground – where the action is at night – is an immense gaudy, raucous fairyland of dazzling lights, deafening music, soaring ferris wheels and careering dodgem cars, an assault on all the senses which can be tiring for older people who don’t know their way around the casetas where the locals meet to drink and gossip. Millions of people from the surrounding areas and the rest of Spain visit the fair, although the tourists along the Costa del Sol seem unaware of what is going on just down the road. While every little town in Andalucia has its annual fair, most of them don’t come anywhere near to holding a candle to the Sevilla and Malaga fairs. They’re similar – but different – and you don’t know what the word feria means until you’ve been to both of them.


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