It looks as if the AVE high speed train between Madrid and Barcelona will sooner or later eliminate air travel between the two cities. In January this year, 88% of people opted for the plane when they needed to get to the other city. Since the AVE came in to service on February 20th, that figure has dropped to 41%. As one disgruntled flyer put it: “I’m fed up with having to leave home two hours earlier, pay €35 for a taxi, then stand in a queue to get the boarding pass, and then I have to take off my shoes and drop my trousers while they search me and take away my shaving cream and cologne. Then another queue to get on the plane which usually leaves late and at the end of it all, a Rambo-style landing. Next time I’ll take the AVE.” To arrive at his destination in a much better temper, no doubt.


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