Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba told reporters last Thursday that there were “strange aspects” about last week’s bomb in Torremolinos which had still not been “clarified”. The security forces also have their doubts. Beach bomb campaigns carried out by the Basque terrorist group ETA have specific characteristics. The group always phones in a warning before the bombs go off, which didn’t happen in Torremolinos, and they usually set off several bombs at different beaches over a period of three or four days before leaving the area to return to base in the Basque Country or the south of France. The police are also wondering why the person who set off the bomb – who they presume belongs to ETA – abandoned a gun, bomb-making material and false documents near the place where the bomb went off. A police spokesman said one reason could be that the person who planted the bomb decided to abort a planned ETA campaign in Andalucia after security forces busted ETA’s Vizcaya commando a few days earlier.



  1. Today my friends returned from Malaga and they tell me that there was a bomb scare on the beaches of Benelmadema and at the marina this last week. My husband and I are about to fly out on Sunday and want to know if this is correct, or have my friends got it wrong.

    Margaret Kerr
    Dumfries in Scotland.
    18th August 2008

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