Brit’s the Unhappiest in Europe

Fed up Brits fleeing their own country are well ahead in the numbers of emigrants departing other western European countries, according to consumer body Uswitch. Director Ann Robinson says: ’Soaring food prices and inflation – not to mention high property costs are placing the biggest squeeze on disposable incomes for well over a decade.’ She adds: ‘The British are getting a raw deal from the Government for the fruits of their labour.’

Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman agrees: “There is now a real danger that as the economic downturn takes hold in the UK, we will once again become the sick man of Europe.”

Adding to Britain’s woes is a perception of crime that is confining people to their homes at night; damaging the social economy. Newspaper headlines pile on the agony every day: ‘A knife attack every four minutes’, ‘A 66% rise in heating bills’, ‘House prices dropping at £100 a day.’ England’s Doomsday Book is seemingly being re-written.

Spain headed the League table for quality of life despite its citizens having the lowest net income. Seemingly this is offset by lower taxation and prices, generous holiday entitlements; a more relaxed lifestyle in the sunniest country in Europe.

Of the 10 countries surveyed Britain came second only to Ireland in the ‘Sad League’ and was runner up to Poland, still shrugging off decades of stagnation.


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