Andalucia’s most modern prison was inaugurated last week in Morón de la Frontera near Sevilla by State Secretary for Security Antonio Camacho and Mercedes Gallizo, Penitentiaries general secretary. It’s the region’s 15th prison and will be known as Sevilla-2. Its 1,214 cells will relieve the overcrowding in the other prisons in the region and it has been built specifically to help prisoners reinsert themselves into society. It has its own bakery and kitchen that will prepare food for vegetarians and Moslems as well as ordinary food. It also has a swimming pool, a fully equipped sports complex and a 50-metre-high tower to control security for miles around. The prison has been described as “bioclimatic” because it is painted in the same colours as the surrounding countryside. Sra Gallizo said prisoners – especially those who were originally from Sevilla – would begin to arrive in the autumn.


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