A taxi driver identified as Fernando B. faces a fine of up to €276 for wearing so-called pirate trousers that end just below the knee. The Local Police who stopped him outside the Plaza Mayor leisure centre last Tuesday were only applying article 41B of the local by-law regulating taxis which states: “All the drivers of taxis with a municipal licence must carry out their service ‘properly clean and correctly dressed’.” Taxi drivers can also be fined for being rude to their fares, or not helping old people, women with children and the disabled to get in and out of their cabs. The 25-year-old driver insisted he was properly dressed – the piratas covered most of the parts of his legs that were visible – and said the law was unfair: “Many of our clients wear nothing but a bathing suit and flip-flops.” He added: “I intend to carry on wearing piratas, or do they want me to die of the heat.”

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