Local police in Malaga city captured a 1.5-metre-long boa constrictor last week after it was spotted by local residents slithering along the pavement in Calle Pasaje Venegas. The snake had fallen a fourth floor flat onto a car in the street below, setting off the car alarm which alerted passers-by to its presence. The police returned it to its owner. The snake is just one of hundreds of exotic or dangerous pets that have been by the Junta de Andalucia and which have to be turned in by the end of the first week in September. However, the public have not been given instructions on how to go about this and as a result many are being abandoned or offered for sale on the Internet, which is illegal. The Guardia Civil’s animal protection unit, Seprona, have said that many dogs belonging to dangerous breeds are being given away by their owners. The Junta has said it is the responsibility of the local councils to deal with these animals but few of them are equipped to do so. The only certain thing is that anyone found on possession of an exotic or dangerous pet after September faces fines of up to €115,000.


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