Gibraltar’s Progressive Democratic Party spokesman, Nick Cruz, said last week that he doubted that the traffic fluidity problem at the border with Spain was mainly due to a work-to-rule by Spain’s Policia Nacional. He said the Spanish government seemed unwilling “to let go their historic stranglehold” at the border and pointed out that the common sense solution of an extra green lane on exit “would immediately double the flow of out-going traffic.” Mr Cruz said: “The much vaunted frontier fluidity that was to emanate from Cordoba, seems to have floundered, after the initial impetus, amid protestations of huge increases in traffic flow and assurances of monitoring the situation. The PDP feel that the Gibraltar Government should have been able to extract some firm commitments by now from the Spanish side at the recently held Tripartite Talks on improving frontier flow as agreed by all three sides.” He drew attention to the marked difference between a recent report that a senior policeman in Spain was dismissed for causing a one-hour delay to the ferries to North Africa while “Spain seems to tolerate actions that regularly cause two to three hour delays and harassment to the people of Gibraltar”.


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