While Malaga province has been the hardest hit in Andalucia by the crisis in the construction sector, its healthy tourism sector is acting as a safety net. According to figures released last week by the Economic Analysts of Andalucia, the province’s economic growth in the first three months of this year was 0.7% higher at 3.5% than the rest of the region, which had an average growth of 2.7%. A spokesman for the group said tourism contributed 30% to the province’s gross income. The vice-president of Malaga’s Businessmen’s Association, Javier Gonzalez de Lara, said this proved that critics of the province’s economic reliance on the services sector were wrong. He said: “Far from it being a weakness it is now proving to be a strength.” However, he agreed with the Economic Analysts group that it was necessary to increase competitiveness by strengthening production, “which means investing more in R&D and improving human resources.”


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