After reading about the rise in electricity prices in last week’s Town Crier, a reader in Coín approached the local Sevillana-Endesa branch to ask how he could go about registering for the savings tariff for homes with a power level of less then three kilowatts. He reported he was rewarded with a blank stare – the staff knew nothing about it. But a few quick phone calls to head office in Malaga city got them the following information: the tariff applies only to those occupants who can prove the house is their home, that is, what is called a first dwelling; the occupant also has to present proof of his/her empadronamiento, and a power control switch has to be installed in the dwelling to prevent cheating. People wishing to avail themselves of the savings tariff should go to their local Sevillana-Endesa branch to fill in an application form. The application has to be made annually to check that the client continues to meet the requisites for the tariff.


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