According to the latest Greenpeace “Destrucción a toda costa” report, Andalucia heads the list of the four regions that are doing everything possible to destroy their coastlines. The other three are Valencia, Murcia and the Canary Islands. It attacks the continued construction of marinas along the Andalucian coastline and names Mijas, Fuengirola and Vélez as the worst building “black spots”. It particularly criticises plans to build a new marina at La Cala de Mijas, given its proximity to Fuengirola where 650 new berths have just been added. It says the planned marina will damage marine diversity in an area where European, African, Atlantic and Mediterranean species currently coexist. The report also attacks plans to develop the port at La Caleta in Vélez-Málaga where Greenpeace claims specific species are already endangered. The report also highlights the chemical pollution in Huelva and Algeciras Bay and the “barbaric” construction of the Algarrobico Hotel in Almería. Greenpeace director Juan López de Uralde said the construction crisis should be seen as an opportunity to root out corruption in the sector.


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