Alicia Hornos, the mother of Rocio Wanninkhof who was murdered in Mijas in October 1999, said she and her family felt “humiliated” by the first part of a mini-series shown on TVE1 about her daughter’s death. She said that many of the “facts” presented in the film “did not correspond to reality”. She noted it was she – and Dolores Vazquez, not the woman she accused of the crime – who had reported her daughter’s disappearance, and that her son Guillermo had been at home during the investigation and not far away as claimed in the series. Sra Hornos said people were insulting her and her sister Josefina in the street, accusing them of making money out of the girl’s death. Sra Hornos neither she nor any member of her family had received any payment. She said she intended to watch the last part – shown last Thursday – with pen and paper to hand to jot down anything thast would “tarnish the image of Rocio or any other member of the family”.


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