Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian gave more details last Friday about the increased prices for electricity which takes effect on July 1st. He said the increase would average out at 5.6% and that as of July, the bills will be sent out every month, instead of every two months. All consumers will be charged a basic 12.5 kilowatts per month, and those who use more than 1,000 kilowatts every two months will be penalised. In addition to a new so-called social tariff for users who have a contracted a power level of less than three kilowatts, there will be a new “tarifa ahorro” (savings tariff) to replace the old cheaper night rate which was being used by 1.1 million homes. It offers savings of up to 47% on power used between 10pm and 10am, but it needs a special meter capable of recording the hours of power use.


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