The Association for the Regularisation of Housing in Mijas held a press conference last Thursday to denounce the town council’s attitude towards the process. Its president, Juan Antonio Blanco, said the council “continues to dictate orders for demolition or imposes huge fines”, and that it is was not surprising “that the homes affected belonged to the poorest people rather than the most luxurious developments or houses built by speculators”. He reported that a council spokesman had told the association that “the demolition of a home is not an irreparable damage”. He also said the council was violating people’s rights by not informing them of the actions to be take against them, despite the fact that the Junta de Andalucia in Sevilla has ordered councils to give people access to the files opened on their properties. He said a quarter of the estimated 8,000 irregular constructions in Mijas are already under investigation. At the council’s April plenary meeting, the Partido Popular proposed that the Town Hall should adopt an agreement to ask the courts to paralyse the demolitions orders issued until they properties could be regularised when the General Urban Plan (PGOU) comes into force.


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