Gaucín’s Tourist Initiatives Association has launched the Salamanquesarte project, in which 400 polyurethane models of a half-metre long salamanquesa, a gecko common in the Serranía de Ronda, have been distributed among the townspeople. Participants will decorate the figure in different ways to obtain the most original design using free form techniques. The resulting works will be exhibited on the facades of the resident-artists’ houses until September, when the winning work will be chosen by popular vote. The aim of the project, which has been financed by the Association, the Serranía de Ronda Rural Development Centre (Ceder) and the Malaga provincial government is to attract more tourists to Gaucín while stimulating the town’s social life and its residents’ artistic originality. The Association was created in November last year and its projects include establishing a market for ecologically friendly foodstuffs, which is held on the first Saturday of the month, and other activities such as hiking to promote tourism in Gaucín.

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