Animal lovers who can read Spanish may wish to follow La Razón newspaper’s Solidarity page which appears in the paper every Saturday. It features one unhappy story that has a happy ending, and a picture and short bio sent in by a proud pet owner. Last week the main story was about “El arca de Noé”, also known as El Arca Wild Life Sanctuary, in Alicante, which is run by Serafín Domenech, which he founded ten years ago. He ran it on a shoe string until last year, when a visit from Queen Sofia raised its profile considerably. He also receives a subsidy of €70,000 from the Valencia regional government that goes a long way towards feeding his collection of big cats, bears, snakes and other exotic pets who have been abandoned by their owners because they grew too big or were no longer a novelty. Sr Domenech said that according to a recent census, there are some 35,000 iguanas living in private homes in Catalonia. The trouble with the iguana lizard is that it can grow quite big and is not known to be affectionate. You can read more about the sanctuary, in English, on


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