A British man who tried to fly from Málaga to London with a kilo of cocaine in his hand luggage was sentenced to nine years in jail and fined €100,000 by Malaga Provincial Court last week. The man tried to flee in a taxi after the drug was discovered on him at the airpot on August 12th last year but was captured by the police. The cocaine was more than 85% pure with a market value of more than €61,000. Meanwhile the National Police dismantled a cocaine laboratory in a flat in Torremolinos last week and arrested a 38-year-old Spaniard. The police said the man received the drug impregnated in a variety of different articles and extracted it at the flat. During their search of the flat, they seized two strong boxes containing two guns, one fitted with a silencer, three separate silencers and a small pistol. The police said the man probably kept flaunted them as a protection when the impregnated articles were handed over to him.


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