Cártama Town Council plans to unify the annual ferias of both the town and the Estación next year in an effort to reduce spending. Mayor José Garrido said the ferias for the Virgen del los Remedios (Cártama town) and San Isidro (Cártama Estación) would be held on the same day but only the nocturnal celebration of the two saints would be affected, with the two towns holding their traditional daytime celebrations separately. He said the budget for the two separate celebrations this year amounted to €800,000, a sum he hopes to reduce next year. The idea will be put to the residents of both towns and their decision will be the final one. A few years ago, the then mayor of Coín tried to do something similar by eliminating one of the town’s two yearly ferias, in April and August. All he got was death threats for his pains and the townspeople continue enjoying their twice-yearly do.

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