Madrid’s public TV station, Telemadrid, might have got away with a blatant act of self-censorship last week, if it hadn’t been for YouTube. When Madrid Community president Esperanza Aguirre visited the public Ramon y Cajal hospital on May 23rd, she was greeted by a group of workers who booed her for four minutes in a protest in defence of the public health system. Sra Aguirre accused them of having been paid to cause a scandal. The whole incident was filmed by a Telemadrid cameraman but only a short segment made the news that day, the part that showed her greeting the senior hospital staff and not a boo to be heard. The rest of the film was filed away with a note saying: “Ojo, no se pueden vender (Caution, can’t be sold)”. However, someone posted the whole incident on YouTube last week where it had 59,000 hits in one day. The El Pais newspaper ran it on its internet version, where it had another 40,000 hits.


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