Nine skydivers leapt to safety from a stricken aircraft last Friday afternoon before it plummeted to earth with the loss of two lives. The pilot and another skydiver were killed when the plane, which had taken off from Lillo in the province of Toledo, came down after losing a wing. Four of the parachutists were injured, two of them seriously. The skydivers were said to include several non-Spaniards. The injured skydivers were taken to La Mancha Centro hospital in Alcazar de San Juan. One man, 23, suffered a back injury and another, 52, is being treated for a neck injury. The other two had light injuries while the other five jumpers were unhurt. The plane, a Pilatus PC-6 used for skydiving practice, burst into flames on impact. According to El Mundo newspaper, it appears the skydiver who died had been sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, and had been unable to jump.


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